Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Workshop Session 11 - Thinking of Spring!

Yes, although here is quite cold this time of the year, we are getting ready for Spring time!!! We have started to work on roses - as you understand we are all ladies and all in love with roses any time of the year!

For today I prepared two small sketches of roses to start with and work during the following 3-4 sessions. We are going to start with the free hand transfer of our sketches, first with the little bud that is just starting to open, on a small size paper (5x7 inches) and then we will move to the more complex composition to a rather large size painting of 10x14 inches (it will be the first time we will work that big).
Although it is not easy to get the drawing right, after a few trials on our sketchpads we all manage to do it. Next session color will come!

Here are a few photos from this session:

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