Monday, 18 May 2015

Workshop session #25 - reference photo selection and composition

Most of the artists working from reference photos indoor to create their paintings use more than one photo to build-up the best composition to convey their message. How to combine the photos, which are the essential elements of each scene, or just how to make abstraction of the annoying details are skills to be learned by every emerging artist and require lots of experiments and hands on studies to master it.
For this session I saved quite a few reference photos from the Reference Images Library of WetCanvas (, depicting woodlands with old trees and foliage. We are going to further experiment foliage and texture with the natural sea sponge, moving from the single tree to a forest setup. Each lady selected the photos she likes best and had to draw a composition out of them. It was a bit difficult because we only had my laptop to browse the photos, but we did manage to get it done.

 The next step was to transfer the drawing to the watercolor paper, and during the next session we are going to experiment again with the sponge.

And I managed to take photos of some of the paintings done by the ladies during the previous two sessions (not all of them, but quite a few), which I hope you will enjoy.

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