Friday, 5 February 2016

Our cards for Twitter Art Exhibit 2016

I am sending a card every year to the Twitter Art Exhibit, which this year will take place in New York and the, Benefiting Foster Pride’s “Handmade” Program. While preparing my card I did ask the ladies in the advanced group if they would like to prepare a card too, and I will post them all together. They liked the idea very much, and a few days ago I mailed the cards. You can have a look at my card on my personal blog, and here are the cards of the group:

Mrs. Mado

 Mrs. Chrisa

Mrs. Loula

Mrs. Athina

Mrs. Evanggelia

Mrs. Ioanna

 Mrs. Marsha

I hope all of them sell and help the  Foster Pride’s “Handmade” Program!

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