Tuesday, 1 July 2014

First Materials on the way

Although we haven't manage to get much funding so far, it is time to get prepared for the workshop - the ladies are looking forward to start!
I am currently looking at all options to select the best possible materials we can afford, even with these little money. The very difficult issue is that of the good paper, which might not even be completely solved by the time we will start. But we need the materials for the first couple of sessions, where we can start doing color tests on cheap paper to learn about primary, color mixes, etc. We also need some sketching paper, pencils and erasers. We need some brushes and we need some palette to mix colors. And, something that we cannot leave aside - the watercolor paints.

Yesterday I went to Plasio store here in Patras, which has some "hobby" quality art and craft materials, but at the same time some student and artist quality too. After looking at the various options of palettes they have, some quite very cheap (under 1 euro) with a few mixing areas, I opted for a cheap folding palette from Reeves.
Why this one? Well, it only costs 2 euros (actually 1.99 :)), and it is made from a good sturdy plastic. It has in total 20 small mixing wells and 5 large mixing area. It is small enough to be used outdoors too, but with plenty of space to handle paints. And, very important for me at the first stage, we can also fully open it, and make two palettes out of one, each of them costing about 1 euro, but having more mixing space than any palette I could find for 1 euro.
Thus, I placed an order for 5 of these right now, and if we cannot find more funds to buy another 5, we will just split each of these into 2 parts and that makes the 10 palettes we need to start!

I have also ordered 5 small sketch pads and 2 cheap watercolor blocks with 20 sheets each , pencils and erasers, with a total cost of 10 euros. The sketch pads should last for the first 5 weeks, with each lady using one sheet during the workshop and one for home exercise every week. The watercolor blocks will cover the need of paper for color mixing charts for the first 2 weeks, after which we will definitely need some better paper.

I will show you photos of these materials as soon as I receive them.

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