Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Paints and brushes are also stocked for our workshop - ready to go!

Yep - watercolor paints and brushes arrived today!
After lots of research to figure out the best quality of watercolor paints that we can buy at cheap price, I realized that even the student grade paint I could find here was quite expensive. The cheapest was at about 2.5$ per 10 ml of paint or 1.5$ per half-pan (which I think is the equivalent of 5 ml of tube paint). I started to look at various other options, like less known watercolors from Germany or Russia. While lurking in the watercolor forum on WetCanvas, I was lucky enough to find an interesting thread about some indian artist quality watercolor called Camlin. One of the artists that have used it gave quite good recommendation to this paint, comparable even to some well-known artist paints from USA. Furthermore, the price of the paint, even after taking into account the shipping costs, is much less than any student quality paint that I could find here (about 0.75 $ per 5 ml). I was a bit worried about ordering from India, from rather unknown website, but in the end it turned out into a good experience! I just got my parcel from the post office and everything is in the box.
Bellow, a few photos of the materials received:

We are still missing some good quality paper for the workshop, especially starting with the 3rd session. I hope we will manage to collect some more funds, as very little is left for paper. However, I think we are now set up to start the first workshop in September 2014 with at least 5 ladies!

Due to the lack of funding for the materials, I have discussed the issue of the number of participants with the responsible of the community center. She proposed that we make a first group of 5 ladies to start with in September, which, unfortunately, means that some of the ladies that were interested to attend will have to wait for the next year (in the best case it could be in January 2015).


  1. I have tried Winsor & Newton both costman and artist range, Cotman is no good, while Camelin artist can be compared with Winsor & Newton Artist range, and for beginners they can keep practising endlessly without worrying about the cost!

    1. Indeed, the ladies that attended the workshop put a lot of pressure on these brushes and they are still in very good shape after one year of use! Not to mention their price!