Thursday, 16 October 2014

October 14, 2014 - 1st workshop session!

Yes! We did it! Finally we got around all the problems and started the fun! We started with 5 ladies at this first meeting, and 2 more will join us from the next session. Unfortunately no photos yet, as I forgot my camera at home trying to get all the materials with me.
What we did in this first meeting:
1. introduced to each other and talked about the reasons we are there (most of us were always dreaming of painting someday, but we were always afraid our hand doesn't have it)
2. talked about what watercolor is, and how does it differ from other media, especially tempera and acrylics, which seemed to be more known and usual terms for the attendants
3. introduced the main materials that we are going to use, and talked about the various options out there, about the amount of materials needed, about their costs, and about the right moment to decide to invest in own materials; the ladies were very happy that they have the opportunity to try it out at no cost, and only if they really like it and what to continue work more intensively at home to have to buy something
4. talked about the need to learn sketch and practice it as often as possible, at first with very simple everyday objects that are similar to simple geometric shapes (sphere, cylinder, cone, cube)
5. had a small introduction of what a fast preparatory sketch is, how we use the pencils and got an exercise on the way to be completed at home and during the next week
6. looked into some of the Artists watercolor magazine issues to see how watercolor paintings look like; some of the ladies borrowed some of them for home study, which made me very happy because they are going to introduce a new element in their everyday life

And that was all about our first meeting - fun with colors next week! From the next week our meetings were established to take place every Friday, which suits better the schedule of the Community Center.

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