Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October 24, 2014 - 2nd Workshop session

On Friday, October 24, 2014, we meet for a second time, to start the real fun with mixing watercolors. At first, I was informed that one of the ladies decided to quit, as having the week day fixed to Friday doesn't fit her schedule (he is usually out of town on Fridays), and it was a bit disappointing. But then, the good news is that we have managed to get materials for more ladies, and we can go up to 10 (at least the initial group of ladies that registered since the beginning of summer)!
On previous Friday I meet 7 of them, and moved on to first washes of watercolor on paper. They were all very happy with trying out the new mixing palettes, brushes, and paints and all other materials. And I did manage this time to take a few photos, which although not the best quality, I am sure you will enjoy.

What we did in this second session:
- had a look at the "homework" done by the ladies that attended the first session, and discussed the different approaches taken to make sketches of simple home objects; the big surprise for all of them was to discover how good they actually did compared to what they expected
- discussed how to further progress with sketching exercises, and the next homework is to have some object magnification done and work on values to get object likeness and light
- discussed the first pigments (colors) we are going to use, and the first exercises to exercise color values, flat and graded washes
- started with first colors on the palette: Gamboge Hue, Crimson Lake, Cobalt Blue and Ivory Black.
- exercised in the class the washes with the Cobalt Blue

I was expecting we would have time to also do a first small painting, to further exercise the graded wash, but with the introduction of the news ladies we spend more time than expected. Thus, this Friday (October 31), this will be the first thing we will start with.

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