Thursday, 27 November 2014

November 21, 2014 - 5th Workshop Session

Due to some other obligations I had, we didn't meet  on November 14, and I hope we will manage to reschedule that session before the Christmas. The most probable we will have a "double" session in one of the forthcoming Fridays.
This session (and the one to come on November 28) was dedicated to practice primary colors mixing, mostly making various greens out of yellow and blue. We used Gambodge Yellow (a medium yellow) and Cobalt Blue for the in-class works, but I encouraged the ladies to play at home with other yellows they now have on the palette (Lemon Yellow and Yellow Ochre), to check the differences in the obtained greens.
I do have a few photos from this session, although I do not have much time left during the session to take photos. Actually most of the times we finish at least 15 minutes in delay - for the next year we need to consider either smaller groups (4-5 attendants per group) or longer duration of the session and meeting only once every 2 weeks. Watercolor paper needs time to dry between color layers, and if we do not finish a piece during one session it is a bit disappointing for the attendants.
And now the photos from this session, with autumn leaf studies:

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