Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Workshop sessions 6, 7 and 8

Didn't get the posts in time to let you know about our progress, and now I am posting some photos taken over 3 sessions. Session 6 took place on the 28th of November, while sessions 7 and 8 were merged into one day, and we did a long session on the 5th of December, 2015.

In session 6 we started a small composition with an accent on the autumn leaf. First did the free hand drawing in the sketchbook, then transfer it to the watercolor paper. In the next step we worked on the background and on the first glaze on the leaves and had to stop to let it dry well before starting the actual work on them. Bellow is the progress we achieved in one hour of work (I only took photos of the paintings):

We started session 7 by learning on separate papers how to glaze slowly each small part of a leaf, to mix wet-in-wet colors directly on the paper, and how to save small areas and paint around. Then moved to the actual paintings and started to work the next glazes on each leaf and the branches.

During the last session we started to work our Christmas painting, with a little Christmas tree branch and a few ornaments. I worked on the composition before, and had the line drawing ready, in order for the ladies to learn how to transfer on the watercolor paper a ready drawing, by using transfer paper. Then, we introduced a new medium used by watercolorists to save the white of the paper, the drawing gum. We saved a few highlights on the main ornament and we splashed some snow.

We must work faster this week to finish this one, to get our Christmas cards ready in time!

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