Saturday, 21 March 2015

Session #20 - the red pepper

Next object of our studies is a big red pepper, which seems to give headaches to the ladies to correctly get the three-dimensional shape translated into a good 2-dimensional drawing. A very good exercise, and wonderful paintings in the end (most of them not finished yet, to show them to you in the next post I guess). But we keep having fun, and the ladies dedicate more and more time at home to study watercolor - either painting or read about. I have a collection of Watercolor magazine (I used to have a subscription for many years) and the ladies get one of them each week to have a look at what professional watercolorists do. Most of them do not understand English, but still just looking at the pictures get them exposed to watercolor and various techniques, and makes them start wandering about how one or the other could be done, what colors should I use, etc.

And the surprise at this session was that we had 2 new-comers, that wanted to get a taste of our workshops and already register for the next year beginners workshop!
This alerted me about starting to prepare for the next year beginners workshop! We need, again, to look for some funding schema for our materials. Although it looks like this year we will get some materials through the Community Center (not sure what exactly yet), the needs of a new group are quite high and for sure we will need some help.
As far as I am concerned, I have already decided that I will keep do the workshop on the volunteer basis, and we will keep two groups in 2015-2016, the beginners and the advanced ones.

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