Friday, 6 March 2015

Sessions #16, #17 and #18 - Drawing and painting from real life

I think one of the basic skills that a painter needs, no matter the medium, is drawing from real life. The easiest way to start with is to set up a simple still life, and try to decompose the objects in simple geometric shapes, such as sphere, cone, cube, cylinder, etc.
Having in mind not only to improve the drawing skills, but also to start look for light and shade to real object and try to render it in a painting, we choose a few simple things (pears and peppers) and added some more complex (glass bottle and sea shells) for more advanced drawing.

Moving around the setup to capture different compositions, and going close or far from the table were among the exercises we did in the first week:

Next week we combined the drawing with some work on the roses for the ones that missed some previous sessions:

Then, we practiced light with monochrome studies, and our paintings started to get some shape:

More work to do next week to finish the paintings, and move to other objects.

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