Thursday, 2 July 2015

1st Year of the workshop completed

Our first year of watercolor lessons at the Community Center (Β' ΚΑΠΗ Δήμου Πατρέων) has come to the end in June 2015, and I am really proud of the achievements of the entire team! They have managed to come this long way and learn so many things, and they are so much into the watercolor now, that have already started to make plans for the next year!
Yes, we will continue next year, both with beginners and intermediate groups! And, taking into account our commitment of this first year, the Community has decided to help us next year, and provide some of the materials we need!!! Which is wonderful, and very much appreciated by all of us. Basically, we will have materials for a new group of 5 beginners, while the advanced group will need to cover most of the materials. I will continue my volunteer work, and do my best to meet the requirements and expectations of the two groups.

The Community Center organized an event for the end of the year, and we put together a small exhibition stand with a few of the works done by the ladies during this year.

Looking forward to start again in September!

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