Saturday, 5 September 2015

2nd Year Workshop Announcement

I am very happy to inform you that the workshop for seniors will be held again at the Community Center (only at the 2nd ΚΑΠΗ) in Patras. The excellent news of this year workshop is that we are going to have two groups: (i) a new beginner group of 5 - 7 attendants that will follow the previous year schedule of weekly 1 hour sessions, starting with the 1st of October 2015 and until middle June of 2016, and (ii) a group of 7 advanced attendants, where we need to concentrate more hours in one session and we are going to work in bi-monthly sessions of 2-3 hours.
Furthermore, it seems that we convinced some of the responsible people with our determination and work previous year, and the Community Center managed to get involved more, and buy some of the materials needed: 2 packs of 10 sheets of Arches 90 lb CP watercolor paper, 5 sets of 3 brushes, 5 sets of 3 drawing pencils (B, 2B, 6B), 5 drawing pads, 1 set of Talens watercolor tubes (12x12 ml) and some artist paper tapes. These will mostly cover the needs of the beginners group, with some more additional materials from me. But I will need to figure out how to cover the needs of the advanced group for this year. Up to know, I only managed to buy this year a few things: the plastic folding palettes needed by the new attendants, a big roll of tracing paper (it should last for the entire year) and a set of watercolor paints (12x20ml tubes) for the advanced group. I also have a little surprise for the ladies - the Mijello sample colors (Mijello Blue and Peacock Blue) which I received from the USA this summer. I am sure they will love these new blue color additions to their palettes!
We still need more paper, especially heavier one (140 lb CP) for the advanced group and some additional materials (i.e. masking fluid, natural sponges, boards). As always, any help is welcome!

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